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low toxin vanilla powder, upgraded, bulletproof

Bulletproof Upgraded Madagascar Ground Vanilla

This pure Bulletproof upgraded Madagascar ground vanilla is low in toxins made from the highest quality beans. It is also a very good value as it lasts a long time
Manufacturer: Bulletproof
Price 27,00 €

What is Upgraded Ground Vanilla?

Crafted from the finest hand-selected Madagascar vanilla beans, Upgraded Vanilla powder is cured with a proprietary heat and pressure process for more than a dozen days to break down mycotoxins and maximise the flavour.

Why Choose Bulletproof Vanilla

Upgraded Vanilla Beans are hand selected to make sure that there is no mold formation on the beans.
The vanilla beans are then sifted before they are ground finely and dried for 12 days using low heat and pressure to kill microbes and eliminate mould toxins.
The result is a smooth, powerful vanilla powder.
It is low-toxin and the packaging is BPA FREE

Vanilla Benefits

Vanilla was used historically as an aromatic stimulant, an aphrodisiac.
Some say that it may help in digestion.

How to use Vanilla Powder

Use in desserts or with Upgraded Coffee to add rich vanilla flavour. Makes for a perfect Bulletproof Vanilla latte.
Add to cake doughs, pancakes, ice cream, anything you like, to have that irresistible vanilla fragrance


Contains only 100% lab-tested, low heated high quality Madagascar vanilla beans
No fillers


Available in bags of (2 oz) 56 g bag

Disclaimer: FairTech Ltd does not claim or imply that their products diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.