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high quality white gold coffee, single origin, caveman

Caveman White Gold Single Origin Coffee

Columbian beans (whole bean) from a Single Origin
Manufacturer: Caveman
Price 23,00 €

What is White Gold Caveman Coffee

The coffee is creamy, light and has a nutty taste. Oh, and the beans are almost white. Caveman coffee co achieved that by using a unique roasting process, that's never been used before.
Fats such as grassfed butter and MCT bring out the flavour in the WHITE GOLD™ beans.

Why Choose Caveman White Gold Coffee

The processes involved from growing to roasting ensure the highest level of quality and sustainability, earning this coffee the UTZ and Rainforest Certification. The roasters are also part of the highly-selective Specialty Coffee Association.

White Gold Cofffee Benefits

White Gold also has the added benefit of chlorogenic acid. A characteristic green coffee, which includes anti-inflammatory properties as well as regulating the glucose levels in your system which is useful to promote fat loss.

How to Brew White Gold

Caveman White Gold coffee is best brewed in a french press or as espresso, including in an Aero Press. However, drip machines are not an ideal way to brew this coffee as it does not have time to steep and extract the essence of the bean.

Available in bags of 340g

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