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quality mct oil, caveman

Caveman MCT Oil

Caveman MCT is made from coconut oil and is sustainably raised.
Manufacturer: Caveman
Price 24,00 €

What is Caveman MCT Oil?

100% Coconut derived MCT™
MCT's stand for Medium Chain Triglycerides.

Why Choose MCT from Caveman

Caveman Coffee Co. MCT oil is from sustainable sources and is derived 100% from coconuts. By choosing Caveman MCT Oil you're not only making an excellent choice of a quality oil but also helping in sustaining our environment and preserving the life in our rain forests.
MCT oil is virtually odorless and colorless. It is liquid at room temperature and highly stable due to the high content of medium chain triglycerides, Caprylic (C8) and Capric (C10).

MCT Benefits

Increases nutrient absorption, increases energy, weight loss, boosts metabolism, improves & sustains digestive health, mental clarity, increases stamina. Just to name a few benefits from taking MCT oil regularly.


MCT's are easily absorbed, digested, and used as energy for the body. Adding this to your diet can increase your stamina, energy and performance. Consuming MCT with other supplements and food can help with the absorption of those nutrients.

How to Use MCT Oil

- Blend with your coffee and grass fed butter.
- Add to your protein shake or cold pressed juice
- Take with fish oil
- Take a teaspoon - tablespoon a day by itself for digestive health


Caveman MCT is made from coconut oil and is sustainably raised.


Available in cans of 22 oz / 624 grams

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