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natural artichoke extract and forskolin, ciltep, natural stacks

Natural Stacks CILTEP Artichoke Extract Nootropic with Forskolin

CILTEP from Natural Stacks is a natural brain boosting nootropic which is a combination of artichoke extract and forskolin.
Manufacturer: Natural Stacks
Price 52,00 €

What is CILTEP Artichoke Extract?

CILTEP is a natural nootropic that combines artichoke extract and forskolin to naturally promote long-term potentiation. It has been shown to boost long-term memory and concentration and helps retain information.
This is a natural and healthy way to enhance mental performance, improve memory, motivation and focus.

Why Choose Natural Stacks CILTEP Artichoke Extract

The artichoke extract from Natural Stacks contains only high quality ingredients that have been meticulously examined for efficacy and purity.
It was developed in 2012 by world renowned bio-hacker Abelard Lindsay. Since then CILTEP's benefits have been reported by thousands of people around the globe including leading health experts like Dave Asprey and Tim Ferriss.

Benefits of CILTEP Artichoke Extract with Forskolin

Mental endurance and maximum motivation.
Increased ability to study and retain information
Boosts long term memory concentration
Improved social ability and mood

How to use the Natural Artichoke Extract

Take 2-3 capsules immediately when you wake up on an empty stomach for optimal mental performance.
Do not exceed the dosage of 3 capsules daily
CILTEP® can be taken daily, however we advise taking 1-2 days off per week !!!!(weekends for example).
Users typically experience results for 8-14 hours.
Some users find that a moderate dose of caffeine in the morning and/or early afternoon prolongs and enhances results (We recommend SMART CAFFEINE®).

CILTEP Ingredients

CILTEP contains:


Premium Artichoke Extract
Artichoke extract contains Luteolin, which is a safe natural inhibitor of PDE4. PDE4 inhibitors have been proven to have significant nootropic effects which include improved cognition, better long term memory, neuroprotection and increased wakefulness.


A herbal supplement named Forskolin (active compound extracted from the root of the Coleus Forskohlii plant).Forskolin activates the enzyme adenylyl cyclase which increases intracellular levels of cAMP. As a result there is an overall improvement of cognitive function, especially memory formation and retention of new information.


ALCAR is an acetylated form of the amino acid L-Carnitine. In many foods L-Carnitine is present but can also be synthesized in the liver.


When cAMP is increased in neurons by forskolin, studies have revealed that levels of acetylcholinesterase are also increased.


ALCAR was added to the stack to help reduce the effects of increased acetylcholinesterase on short-term memory and energy.


For an additional boost in drive and focus, you may take moderate doses of natural stimulants with CILTEP. Some kinds of tea and coffee may work. However, you should be extremely cautious with stimulants because CILTEP magnifies their effects.

Allergy Information

No GMO, gluten free, no artificial colouring, no preservatives.


One bottle contains 60 capsules.

Disclaimer: FairTech Ltd does not claim or imply that their products diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.